To know your height you must know your depth. -Erkki Lehtiranta

Are you wondering?

Why am I tired when everything should be fine?
Why am I not sleeping well or why do I want to sleep all the time?
Why do I have recurring dreams or nightmares?
Why do I feel that I am using only a fraction of my potential?
Why do I have physical pains and aches all the time?
Who is this critic that lives in my head?
Why have I started to see the world as a dark place?
Are my thoughts real?
Why am I afraid?
What am I grieving?
Why can’t I believe in anything?
How can I go on or why should I?
What have I done to earn this?
Is there any sense in this world?
What does karma mean?
Why does God allow evil?
What do you mean God is in me?
What is the meaning of my life?
Who am I?

The answers are within you

I cannot say that I have the answers, but I can help you with your wonderings. I can help you find your answers within you.

Would you like to stop for a moment on you journey?  There is a source within you for us to explore. It is filled with nourishment, tools, creativity, silence, or prayers if you wish. There is something new and something very old in the basket, just what you might need at this moment.

It is natural to need help and guidance from time to time. There are things dormant in your soul that represent power or higher understanding that are waiting to help you.

All unconscious is seeking an expression and also our personality seeks to develop through unconscious conditions. We can examine symbols of your unconscious. A symbol, an intuitive idea and unknown part of the psyche, rises from the unconscious when we feel stuck and form a “third.” That “third” unites opposites and restores a psychic balance.